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Ignite your passion for NFT's with our finest Jewelry.


The OG collection of La Galerie - 2000 NFT' inspired by the 2000 most famous Porn Stars anuses.



Platform where you will be able to create personalised NFT tickets for private, public events and more...

Make a bridge between your favourite web3 projects into IRL with awesome, validated Merch using our platform!

Social media that web3 deserves and is in desperate need of- HODL is coming... sooner than you think!


LG DAO is La Galerie’s official DAO.

We created an ecosystem where the LG DAO is at the heart of our operations. LG DAO receives royalties from all the businesses that we are creating. Consecutively, the DAO' treasure will get larger every month, meaning that with the great value provided our DAO's members' initial investment will be made whole, as they will have a piece of LG DAO' treasury.

Physical Galerie

Cúpula is the physical space of La Galerie where LG DAO members will be able to network and hangout, being granted a great % discount on all its services. The services that Cúpula will provide are: Guest housing, a bar, restaurant, concert room and NFT Art Gallery.

Cúpula is located in Porto, Portugal. 5% of the profits made by the Art Gallery will go back to the LG DAO.

Join us on Discord, get up to all the news and to be involved in our DAO' decisions